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The right style makes all the difference

Your choice of cabinet style is an important one. It is the difference between a space you like and one you will love for years to come. We have options for any budget and several different styles to choose from.

Gray kitchen built with shaker style cab


Shaker style cabinets are of one of the most common choices for kitchens. They are simple, clean, and functional. Recessed panels and rail frames with simple, yet functionable, handles set this style of cabinet apart from others. This style gives the room a classical look.


Traditional style cabinets are considered to be a timeless and classic choice due to the decorative moldings, columns and posts that are used. This cabinet style often has raised door panels and bead-board designs.


Modern style cabinets tend to be streamlined and visually simplistic. The lack of nooks, crannies and other decorative characteristics results in a surface that is easy to clean and maintain. The clean appearance of this style will leave your room with a crisp and modern look.


Contemporary style cabinets are designed with a minimalist in mind. If you are hoping to make your space appear more open, crisp and clean – this is the style for you.

Traditional kitchen in luxury home with


Rustic style cabinets are designed with the appearance of natural wood. This style strives to keep wood’s natural appearance the focal point of your space. Natural knots and mineral streaks are retained and add character to the wood. One can even find a weathered appearance to the wood if that is desired. This is the perfect style if you are looking for a rustic or country style feel to your space.

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